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Our idea of trekking at Hors Circuit and setting off from our guesthouse Les Terrasses de l’Atlas is certainly quite different from the ideas of the more usual agencies elsewhere.

For a start, the routes selected are indisputably off the beaten track, not like the pedestrian highways of Toubkal and Mgoun, for example. You have very little chance of meeting other walkers on your path!

In addition, we are great fans of the “bespoke”. In any case, you will only find one trek with fixed dates on our website for a (small!) group, which will be put together by us. And this is more to please those lone travellers who don’t have the means to spend a thousand euros on an individual trek for one. Our way then is to ask first of all what you are looking for and establish your desired level, so that we can put together a trek suited to your requirements as far as possible. And even on this trek, the programme will be flexible, which is obviously the great advantage of an exclusive format.

There is also another big difference in the way the trek is organised: in most cases, the support of a 4 by 4 is there to transport your luggage, but also as a pick-up vehicle if one of those taking part is having difficulties; and at the end of the day to access another interesting trekking area without having to be confined to the same hiking area. This also enables you to see the country while walking at your own pace, seeing as much as you wish.

We aren’t great fans of staying with local people. Experience shows that the minimal sanitary conditions required leave a lot to be desired. The environment of a Berber family is often noisy, with howling hordes of children and the television blasting out a non-stop diet of soap operas at top volume… We by far prefer camping in the peaceful countryside and then going in for a cup of tea or a tagine on the spur of the moment, leaving the rest to legendary Berber hospitality …

This makes for better logistical management because we can transport more equipment. We can often take a fridge with us for keeping your chosen drinks cool and we’re in a position to make you a nice meal with everything we need. We have our own drinking water and can even provide you with better bedding if necessary.

At the end of the day, as we will tailor your trek completely to your requirements, there’s no age limit or minimal level of fitness required. The level is adapted to your personal physical fitness.

Trek to the Waterfalls of Jebel Aoulime
4 days and 3 nights - 375 €, based on 2 to 4 people
A flexible trek at the foot of Jebel Aoulime (alt. 3500 m), allowing to scramble up to waterfalls (alt. 1700 m) or even climb up to the highest sheepfolds (alt. 2500 m)....
Berber walks
7 nights - 550€, based on 4 people
A pleasant trek, more suitable for less sportive travellers.  You will appreciate half-day walks, more comfortable accommodation and 4x4 support. An interesting immersion into Berber family lifestyle in the High Atlas Mountains....
Panoramic Ridges of the High Atlas
2 days/2 nights - 270€, based on 2 to 3 people
This very trek is aimed at those who don’t have much time, but want to tackle the mid-altitude mountain heights and get nearer to the High Atlas Peaks, spending a night camping in the wild....