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At our guesthouse, eating will be different from elsewhere: original tagines, a traditional, convivial way of sharing meals, a large variety of places to eat, breath-taking views all-round… (southern Moroccan guesthouse, Morocco trekking)


We have decided to make our meals a shared occasion. In fact, we eat most meals with you, unless if you prefer to maintain a certain level of privacy, which we are happy to respect.

Similarly, our kitchen is always “open”: a good number of you will like to come and observe how we make our tagines and couscous, even giving us a helping hand or learning to make some of our recipes at the same time.

We have perfected a whole series of our own versions, which are quite different from those you will find in a hotel or Riad as a rule.

We try to vary our breakfasts from day to day (continental, Berber, pancakes, English breakfast, Turkish fare etc.). Apart from a hot drink of your choice and freshly-squeezed orange juice, we will make sure you taste a traditional Berber breakfast, which is ideal before going walking! Dried fruit, extra-virgin olive oil, argan oil, amlou (an almond, honey and argan dip), olives etc. Totally different!

Taking activities and the climate into consideration and part of our full-board offering, lunch at midday is generally a light meal, unless you request otherwise: for example, an egg brik, vegetable tagine, mixed salad, grilled fruit and vegetable skewers, or a tagine of lentils and preserved lemons, for example.

In the evening, you may be given the inevitable Moroccan salad, except that it will be very much an improved version, or one of our creamy soups, hot or cold. We will probably surprise you with some of our tagines, such as turkey tagine with courgettes and wild thyme gathered on the mountain slopes. Or you could have chicken tagine with honey, ginger and orange zest, or lamb tagine with prunes and sesame seeds. Everyone agrees that my wife Hafida’s couscous is very good. I’m sure you’ll like it!

NB. We advocate a total change of scene and the following of local practices. You will therefore be invited to eat with your hands rather than cutlery and share a meal in the true sense of the word, even couscous. There will be no pork on offer (an anathema in a Muslim country!). Instead, it will be a case of following local norms while eating. For the squeamish and the highly-strung, we do of course have all the crockery needed. We’re not complete savages!

As for dessert, apart from fruit in abundance, you will be able to try our home-made orange sorbet, our Berber-style crème caramels and chocolate fondants, even ones made with a rare cheese, Moroccan style.

Our well-stocked bar won’t disappoint either.

As a rule, for holidays planned in advance, we ask about your likes and dislikes, so you will have no worries in this area. We’re also used to providing a variety of vegetarian meals for those concerned.

You are unlikely to lose much weight while staying with us, despite the physical exercise you will be doing during the day …

Bon appétit and your good health!

Luc and Hafida

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