The village of Afensou

Trekking in Morocco, authentic Berber site



35km from Taroudant (45 mins by car) and at altitude 800m, the typical Berber village of Afensou benefits from its favourable location in many ways.

Its most remarkable asset is an abundant perennial all year round – which no-one remembers ever having run dry for a minute – creating a mountain stream which is good for swimming, especially useful for irrigating the fields, supplying the local population with drinking water and washing the family laundry (in the literal sense of the term!).

Another important factor is that the village is situated at a crossroads, with two roads giving access to the high valleys, both of which are reliable in wet weather. From a tourist point of view, these two roads enable you to do a wonderful two-hour round trip over the High Atlas through Berber villages.

Another key element is its noteworthy but moderate altitude, enabling it to enjoy a pleasant micro-climate. There is never any snow or frost at Afensou!

In a word, its relatively central location on the southern slopes of Jebel Aoulime makes it an ideal base for numerous walks and mountain-bike or 4 by 4 excursions, or riding a donkey.

Unfortunately, the village is crumbling with the passage of time and above all as a result of inclement weather. While the centre is still only made up of traditional buildings of earth and stone, the building of roads has given rise to the rapid development of unfortunate modern concrete buildings. No matter, however, as the panorama from Les Terrasses de l’Atlas over the mountain tops, fields and valleys is both captivating and restful.

In the immediate proximity are the Gorges of Tamdousnous, which can be reached across the fields from our mountain oasis, ideal for swimming, picnicking and making your way up through the foaming torrent on foot.

In the village, you will only find a few food shops, not very interesting and offering very little in the way of fresh food. Apart from the Sunday souk at Imoulas 7 km higher up, there are no restaurants or shops. This means that at Les Terrasses de l’Atlas, you will have little other choice than opting for full-board!

Apart from the attraction of the village for its underground spring and mountain stream, and the nearby gorges, also worthy of note are the olive oil presses, the old crumbling mosque overlooking the rocky outcrop where there is still a Muslim shrine, the local traditional habitat and the Moussem festival in summer (usually mid-August).