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How to book ?

N.B. Advance booking is mandatory for staying at Les Terrasses de l’Atlas!

You have several possibilities for booking a holiday with us at Les Terrasses de l’Atlas:
-    You will find us on many third-party travel and reservation websites, such as, Le Voyage Autrement, Maroc Origines, Hostelworld, Trip Connexion, Terre du Maroc, Takama etc.

-    You can also find us on the website of the British Travel Agency “Naturally Morocco”

-    You can read about us on Trip Advisor

However, the easiest and most effective way is to contact us directly, so we can come up with a holiday completely tailor-made to your requirements and expectations.

Most reservation sites don’t allow you to suggest a package that fits our type of accommodation. Our remote location means you will need to opt for full board. It’s also in your interests to spend at least two nights here to make the most of the location (our clients consistently regret not staying here longer - and we’re not just trotting out  the usual spiel here!!!). It’s also more appropriate and convenient to opt for our “full board + activity” package, as it would be difficult for you to arrange hikes and other leisure pursuits on site without knowing the region and its characteristics.

Simply send us an email at or, giving us as much detailed information as you can and we will reply within two days. Or, don’t hesitate to phone us on +212 661 09 06 04 or even send us a text message asking us to ring you back.

In most cases, we ask for a 50% deposit of the total amount agreed, to guarantee your reservation and set the arrangements for your stay in motion.