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Why would you need a swimming pool when there are all kinds of opportunities for swimming in the foaming waters of the mountain stream below our house!


There’s no pool at Les Terrasses de l’Atlas, because what would be the point when there are all kinds of natural water basins for dipping and swimming in the foaming waters just a few yards away from the house?

Just further down from where you will be staying is a perennial underground spring, feeding the mountain stream all year-round and creating water-basins. An indentation in the rock provides a great spot for swimming.

Then, further downstream, there are a series of basins formed by the water and little waterfalls where you will have a wide choice of places to swim, in small gorges, underneath a palm tree or in the shade of the olive trees …

Higher up, if you set off on a hike, in a 4 by 4 or on a trek, you can come across several series of waterfalls with basins, where a dip will do you the world of good after your exertions.

There’s no lack of water in these high valleys, as you can see from the abundance of fields and number of fruit trees.

Whilst the sun and the hot winds of the desert set the plains of Marrakesh and Taroudant aflame, here you will always be able to stay cool, even at midday!