Those who are keen on nature and bird-watching won’t be disappointed! Especially during the migration period, when there are dozens of different species to be identified.


Nature and bird-watching

While the south-facing aspect and the relative density of the Berber population lead people to believe that flora and fauna are quite rare, many professionals and fans of ornithology leave our guesthouse filled with enthusiasm about their discoveries. Their observations are inevitably more considerable during the bird migration periods.

Several well-informed ornithologists have identified more than fifty different species during their week’s stay at Les Terrasses de l’Atlas.

As regards the rest of the local fauna, gazelles are an extremely rare sighting, only noticed once in a wild, remote area. On the other hand, people regularly see wild boar, foxes, Barbary ground squirrels, tortoises, chameleons and all kinds of lizards. Goats, sheep and donkeys will always be the animals you encounter the most. It’s particularly amusing to watch the goats climbing on top of the spiny argan trees!