A wide choice of activities from taking it easy and swimming to real trekking (trekking in Morocco)

Luc's recommendations

Here is some advice, first about what to do and what not to do when you come to Morocco. You can make of this what you want, but my advice comes directly from our experience relating to our holidays and circuits, and the retrospective views of the tourists we’ve met or ferried around. We’ve drawn up a list of the holidays and trips which have always been the most successful for us, in the knowledge that we never organise two circuits in exactly the same way. You will have your own bespoke agenda - that’s a promise!

      ●    Put a limit on the geographical area and travelling time to make time for relaxation, activities and meeting people
      ●    Opt for all-inclusive tours to give you peace of mind
      ●    Choose Agadir as your airport of arrival to gain on travelling time and if possible, avoid Marrakesh as it is stressful and exhausting (stated by an increasing number of people)
       ●    Avoid choosing Taroudant as your base as there’s very little to see or do, but go instead for a guesthouse of character in the open countryside like ours (OK, we are trying to sell our “product”, but there are good reasons why we set up in business here… and there are certainly other original locations. That’s not the issue)
       ●    Avoid staying in Agadir, unless package hotels appeal to you)
       ●    Avoid doing a complete tour of the imperial cities, which is gruelling and too superficial for seeing in one week. Select one imperial city and make the most of it, including the surrounding area (in any case, everyone always comes back to Morocco!)
       ●    Try to spend two nights at each place to avoid always having to pack and unpack, as well as giving you enough time for relaxing, discovering places, visiting the sites and meeting people
       ●    Avoid the touristy concrete jungles of Ouarzazate, the Dadès Valley, the Todra Gorge and the Merzouga Desert. Better to go for the Anti-Atlas Mountains, the Erg Chegaga dunes, the Saharan coast and the western High Atlas.

Luc's suggestions

I’m giving you a list of our favourite places here, not in terms of places to eat and stay, activities, or specific geographical locations, but an overall picture of what is a good idea to embark upon in Morocco.

Of course, these suggestions are in line with the character of our operation and our tastes, not necessarily with what you require in terms of comfort, interest or activities. It’s a case here of sharing our experience and nothing else.

       ●    Try something completely different, tailored to your needs, for 4 or 5 days in the Atlas Mountains, followed by a short stay in comfortable, luxurious surroundings. And why not in Taroudant! This will enable you to switch off and recharge your batteries!
       ●    Go for walking or even trekking, tailored to your needs, naturally, with wild camping in the High Atlas included, setting off from our guesthouse, followed by a relaxing stay with us. This will give you a boost!
       ●    Why not try a circuit round the Anti-Atlas Mountains to enjoy the gorges, palm groves, gueltas and agadirs, adding an extra leg to the coast with a final stay at Les Terrasses de l’Atlas. This will give you maximum variety and authenticity!
       ●    For families and groups with children, I can only recommend you opt for our “entertainment” package, which will keep the children happy and give the adults peace of mind, although organising a fun challenge during your stay could also keep the older members of the party as amused as the younger ones …
       ●    Book a mini-tour from Marrakesh or Agadir, cleverly combining the delightful Essaouira (port, medina and beaches), wealthy Marrakesh (souks, monuments and culture) and the exotic offering at Les Terrasses de l’Atlas (authentic Berber way of life, mountains and open-air activities). This one has it all!