Leasure activities

There’s no age when you can’t enjoy yourself! Why not spend a few half-days or whole days on leisure activities in the mountains, you and your children, so you can appreciate the beauty and exotic surroundings of the High Atlas and the Berber way of life?

Obviously, there’s no end to the games you can play in the water, in the underground spring or the mountain stream. Building a dam, hunting frogs, making a water mill could easily occupy a few hours …

At aperitif time, we also offer boules Berber style (no rules, on uneven ground…)

For the evenings, we have a good variety of board games. It’s also amusing to organise sessions of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” or “Father Bouras”-type riddles in small groups!

Otherwise, Luc is full of imagination and he’s second to none in persuading the young and not-so-young to leave their computer games and mobile phones behind, to immerse themselves in nature and organise challenges, games and trials in a good-natured atmosphere. This is also a pleasant introduction to the mountains, enabling you to appreciate life with its different and unfamiliar aspects. Lying behind each activity is something of an educational purpose: developing orienteering skills, resourcefulness in terms of using the means available to create a game, dexterity challenges, developing observation skills, etc.

Playing ball on a donkey, throwing a frisbee with skill, using a catapult, walking with the guide of a compass, lighting a fire with the vegetation available, using a crossbow … The list is endless!

Activities are arranged ad hoc and by common agreement beforehand. The organisation is completely flexible and tailored to individual needs.