Camping in the wild

Many of you have asked us to factor in one or several nights bivouacking out in the wild in the mountains. We enjoy this ourselves, even though it involves quite a lot of preparation and organisation!

We have about a dozen potential sites for wild camping, which we use regularly. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages: access to water, wood and shade, plus accessibility by donkey or 4 by 4 … Some are located close by, for example by the mountain stream and near the beautiful gorges of Tamdousnous. Others involve climbing on foot to enjoy the incredible panoramic views. Further ones are at a higher altitude at the foot of the mountain peaks, next to an irrigation channel or a waterfall, for then attempting excursions to the mountain summits.

Travelling is therefore on foot, on a donkey or in a 4 by 4, or a combination of all three. Luggage is generally carried by the donkeys.

Our camping equipment is therefore designed for purpose and can accommodate up to 25. Decathlon tents, good sleeping-bags, ground-sheets of all kinds, pillows with cases, torches, mats … When you make your reservation, we will always ask about your needs and expectations, as well as your likes and dislikes where food is concerned.

While lunch breaks most frequently consist of a variety of picnics (given that the weather is often hot), the evening meals are larger and prepared with care and attention: barbecues, home-made tagines … We eat well even when camping out in the open and you will never be without your favourite drink!

Once you’ve reached the camping spot, it will be as you wish: some like to get stuck in and help; others prefer to have their food served, since they are on holiday! Others again take the opportunity to scramble higher up, go further on or take a dip in the waterfalls. The evening is always enlivened by a roaring camp-fire.
These wild-camping excursions are completely bespoke and entirely suitable for all ages, young and old.

An unforgettable and unmissable experience!