Setting off through the mountains in Morocco (trekking, hiking, discovery).

The views from the house

From the gardens, rooftops, covered galleries and terraces, the views of the mountains and valleys are infinite in number, breath-taking and restful.

There are 180-degree panoramas of the high peaks rising to 3500m to the north, over the medium-range peaks breaking the skyline to the east and over the mountain stream and the lush green fields of our south-facing mountain oasis.

At the very top, you can see a line of green oak trees just before the area covered by the winter snows, where nothing grows, and below that is an area of walnut trees. Then you come down to the altitude suited to the cultivation of almond trees. Lower down are slopes lined with argan trees and after that come valleys with olive groves, carob, fig, Barbary fig and pomegranate trees, plus fields of barley, maize and alfalfa. Further down again are date palms.

This is an area very favourable for walking in the mountains and trekking in the Atlas (trekking in Morocco).