A guesthouse full of character for enjoying Morocco in the way that appeals to you: relaxation, Moroccan cuisine, easy walking, swimming, 4 by 4 circuits, several-day treks (trekking in Morocco)

The inner courtyards

In addition to the variety of terraces and galleries, the house is mainly organised around two inner courtyards along the lines of an urban Riad.

The courtyard at ground level serves the “anoual”, the kitchen, living room, bathrooms, hammam and office. In the central flowerbed are an apple tree and a lemon tree, both prolific fruiters and providing shade for a few flowers and aromatic plants. A small fountain means there is always a restful background murmur. From here, you can access the “sitting” and “eating areas”.

The second-floor courtyard overlooks the Kori and Bali rooms and also provides access to the panoramic rooftops. This is the solarium, where you can also have your meals. Here, too, is a central herb garden and the walls are lined with bougainvillea.

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