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Live life in the Berber way with us at the foot of the Atlas Mountain peaks, in a typical traditional home, providing a starting-point for walkers who love trekking through the mountains (treks in Morocco).

The anoual

“Anoual” is the Berber name for the traditional Berber kitchen with a large hearth. This is where the women spend much of their time cooking, as was the case in the Berber family who lived here before us, baking flatbreads, making tagines …

The ceiling is blackened with soot as the fire is more or less constantly kept alight, which is quite an asset in the fight against termites, which attack the beams in the roof.

Although the house is equipped with a larger, slightly more modern kitchen, the anoual remains in situ and still has many uses.

This is a room with a convivial atmosphere and is very simple in design. Life revolves around the large hearth, which continues to be used for baking the Berber flatbreads that we enjoy making with our guests, not to mention preheating tambourines to stretch out the skin of the instruments for the evening recital, or welcoming guests for a couscous eaten with the hands around the fire. And that’s when it’s not used for simply spending a pleasant evening recounting stories, playing board games or doing henna skin designs for the ladies.

On the walls are everyday utensils, from churns to sickles, squirrel traps and bread boards.

Join us and enjoy the Berber way of life or go for a trek through the Atlas Mountains!  (trekking in Morocco).